1 min readMay 12, 2021

Mr. Led always gets a piece of my mind,

He’s always waiting like the thing two i left behind,

He is the only one still dancing when the music turns blind,

He can make gray look gold on a day when the blues block my sunshine,

Without ears he listens to my emotions by riding my words waves between lines,


He fights my battles with paper punching bags this scratching sound to me so kind,

This connection keeps flipping never to end we are committed together we spiral in bind,

He rips off my layers until my nude uncovers a smile and my empty is fine,

His body is made of wood so thick so i proudly keep him sharp during free time,

Wiggling between my fingers he escapes inside of my right hand with recline,

We meet everyday for expression even though the task is same the experience is no rewind,

He loves to feel the curves from my cursive nature he touches my words adding a fancy spine

Until death do us both part forever will he give punctuation where i may need his incline.


Hello fans I am LGBT & proud! I love to write poetry, stories, & autobiographies my goal is to make myself more known in the online writing world