1 min readNov 10, 2021




Two souls on their knees for needs, both have a past they want to delete

Carry demons in need of defeat, are required to pay a percent of fees

Members of a group with one lead

Told to bring new members to their team

Have a schedule they live on repeat, were given rules to follow concrete

Judged by the company they choose to keep

Burdened with wondering what others may think

Give their time to others selflessly

Were born already sinful human beings

They constantly have new people to greet

Both admire a man for every word he speaks

They’re inspired to follow his hopes and dreams

They battle spirits with horns & wings

They differ in what each other believe’s

Both these individuals are passionate beings

Ironically one final day both may be roommates as they lay in peace

One positive, one negative lived lives so differently

Who are these two in society??




Hello fans I am LGBT & proud! I love to write poetry, stories, & autobiographies my goal is to make myself more known in the online writing world